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Society & Environment

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Societal Structure


Definition of Society

Characteristics of Society

Society, Community Etc.


Characteristics of Community


Characteristics of Association


Characteristics of Organization

Social Structure

Elements of Social Structure

Social Institution

Characteristics of Social Institution

Kinds of Social Institution

Functions of Social Institutions


Social Stratification - Meaning and Characteristics

Types of Social Stratification

Caste and Class


Characteristics of Caste

Social Groups

Characteristics of Social Groups

Classification of Primary Groups

Classification of Secondary Groups

Social Tension

Social Mobility

Social Control

Social Change

Social Class

Population in India

Crimes in India


Meaning of Family

Functions of Family

Characteristics of Family

Advantages of Joint Family

Disadvantages of Joint Family

Disintegration of Joint Family


Modern family

Exogamy & Endogamy

Development Process


Population in India and Its Control

Obstacles in Development

Computers and Technology

Stages of Economic Growth

Types of Economy

Cultural Lag

Social Planning

Economic Planning

Human Resource Development

Technology Assessment

Appropriate Technology

Technology Adoption

Technology Forecasting and Assessment

Technology Transfer

Environmental Assessment

Air Pollution (Part 1)

Air Pollution (Part 1) in Hindi

Effects of Air Pollution

Effects of Air Pollution (Hindi)

Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming

Acid Rain

Ozone Layer Depletion


Air Pollution Equipments

Air Pollution from Automobiles

Water Pollution and Water Pollutants

Water Pollution

Water Treatment Processes

Solid Waste Pollution

Plastic Bags

Solid Waste Collection

Solid Waste Disposal and Volume Reduction


Hazardous and Industrial Waste

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution (2)

Clean Technology and Role of Engineer

Electronic Waste

e-Waste (2)

Waste Hierarchy

Ecology & Ecosystems

Ecology and Ecosystems


Life in Ecosystems

Energy flow in ecosystem

Structure of Ecosystems

Ecological Pyramids

Food Chain and & Food Web


Biosphere Cycles

Marine and Forest Ecosystems

Ecological Imbalance


Biodiversity - Types , Importance etc.

Biodiversity in Hindi

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development - 1

Sustainable Development - 2

Role of Engineers in Sustainable Development

Wildlife Protection

Deforestation and Afforestation

Solar Energy

Wind, Geothermal and Tidal Energy