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Can I give AMIE exams in Hindi?

Yes, provided you have passed Diploma in Hindi medium. You have to get a certificate from principal of polytechnic stating that you have passed Diploma in Hindi medium. After that, send an application to IEI (enclosing letter from principal) requesting use of Hindi medium in AMIE exams.

You have to use Hindi in both section A and B. In final certificate by IEI, it would be mentioned "PASSED IN HINDI".

For more information and procedure to appear through Hindi medium click at

We are providing course material in Hindi (Section A). Download prospectus by clicking at


After taking permission to appear in AMIE exams in Hindi, Can I give AMIE (Section B) exams in English?

No. You have to appear in both sections in Hindi medium.


I want to resister in Hindi in AMIE exam but I want to know that the question paper is in Hindi or Hindi-English both.

AMIE Question paper will be in English Only.


Are you providing AMIE coaching material in Hindi also?

Yes. But for Section A only (Diploma stream) of AMIE exams. You can not get course of Section B in Hindi medium or even books anywhere. You have to make your own translation in Hindi from English medium notes.


Should I carry copy of letter of permission in AMIE exam hall?

Yes. It will be needed if due to any reason, your name does not appear in attendance list.


I am doing AMIE (Section A) in Hindi medium and my 6 years expired. If I go for AMIE reregistration, can I change my medium now?

No, You can not do this. You have to give AMIE exams in Hindi medium only.

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