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What is fill form of AMIE?

Associate Member of Institution of Engineers (India). This is Eq. to B. Tech.


Who can do AMIE? Who can't?

Who Can:

Polytechnic Diploma, Diploma from IETE, IME, ICE, IGNOU, CIPET and NTTF (see eligibility).

4 year Diploma from Indo Danish/German/Swiss Tool Room.

Diploma from TMU, Lovely Professional University, Monard University.

Diploma from EME school, Air Force Technical College, CME, Signal Training Centre.

Diploma from Institute of Permanent Way Engineers.

If you have done B Tech./IETE and intend to do AMIE in different branch then you may also do AMIE. You will be exempted from Section A.

Diploma after ITI (lateral entry).

10+2 in physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English is also recognised by IEI for doing AMIE. Minimum aggregate must be 45%, aggregate in PCM must be 45% and you must pass English without grace. If you have not passed any of these subjects, then you may pass that subject from NIOS.

Who Can't:

Diploma from RVD, IASE, KSOU are not recognised by IEI for doing AMIE.

See eligibility in detail.

You may join our admission packages to join AMIE.


What is discrepancy list? What are the reasons of discrepancy/rejection of membership form?

Not all membership forms are accepted by IEI. If there is error in the form such as wrong attestation, non eligibility, error in DD/credit card payment etc., IEI will put details of error in a list called discrepancy list.

Common points in this list are given below:

As per the decision of the Council of the Institution, any membership application lying pending for more than one year due to deficiency / discrepancy should be treated as cancelled and the fee deposited with application will be refunded after deduction of nonrefundable registration fee and general office charges. It has been observed that your application for membership is lying pending due to noncompliance of the documents/ certain deficiencies for more than one year.

Finding no other alternatives, we are arranging to refund the fee deposited by you after the usual deduction as stated above and your application is treated as cancelled. In future, you may wish to apply afresh for appropriate grade of membership with the enclosures as stated in the membership form.

Your application alongwith documents related to qualifications has been forwarded to the expert committee for consideration. After the decision of the expert committee regarding the qualification , your application will be processed further.

Your Diploma qualification i.e., is not recognized by the Institution. Please submit the following duly certified by the Principal/Competent Defence authority: a) Syllabus of the course, b) AICTE approval letter (Xerox copy); c) Entry Qualification; d) Duration of course, e) Equivalence Certificate issued by the Govt of India that your qualification is equivalent to conventional diploma in engineering (for defence qualification only)

Attested Xerox copy of Final/Provisional Diploma Passed Certificate issued by the State Board/Institute/Polytechnic/University/Govt authorities/Defence authorities. Attestation is to be done by one of the supporters of your application.

Attested Date of Birth Certificate. Attestation is to be done by one of the supporters of your application.

Please return us the enclosed ST/T Application Form and Identity Card in original duly filled in and attested partly covering your photograph by a Corporate Member of this Institution (Fellow (F)/Member(M)/Associate Member(AM) and NOT BY ANY ASSOCIATE (GRADUATE) OR SENIOR TECHNICIAN (ST)/TECHNICIAN (T) for finalisation of your Application. Also please send the copies of your certificates duly attested by a Corporate Member.

The Corporate Member who has signed and attested on your Application is not on the Roll of the Institution, or he has wrongly quoted his Membership No. Please return us the enclosed ST/T Application Form and Identity Card in original duly filled in by any Corporate Member (F/M/AM) only.

Please return us the enclosed Identity Card in original duly signed by any Corporate Member (F/M/AM) at the earliest for the finalisation of the Application.

Please note that we have received your application enclosing a proforma for authorization of payment by Credit Card. But the Bank has declined acceptance of your Credit Card, a letter to this effect has been sent to you from our Finance Department. Please send the amount by a Draft in favour of 'The Institution of Engineers (India)' payable at Kolkata.

Your application was processed and finally placed before the Committee for its consideration. However, much we would like to enrol you in your desired grade of membership of the Institution, we are to inform that the Committee scrutinized your application and was of the opinion that your qualification as indicated in your application, does not qualify for grant of your desired grade at the present moment. Finding no other alternative, we are arranging to refund your application deposit after deduction as per norms of IEI.

I have just passed AMIE completely. Now, I want to appear from another branch. What is the procedure?

Just wait for Associate Membership. Your number will start as AM-***. Then register for section B.

Download section B registration form


How to do AMIE after B.Tech in different branch?

B. Tech. pass student must first apply for Associate Membership. You have to follow various steps such as downloading form for AMIE or fill online form.

Members, who intend to appear for the first time in additional branch of engineering should first apply for registration for Section B on the Prescribed Format sending a demand draft for Rs. 3000/- (US $ 200 for Overseas Chapters candidates). 

Thereafter, examination application form, along with the demand draft of Rs. 2000/- (US$ 150 for candidates of overseas chapters), should be submitted within the stipulated period. All such candidates are required to perform Project Work and Laboratory Experiment as per clause 2.3 of Rules (Vol. I).

You will be exempted for appearing in Section A. You will only appear in Section B. You have to complete 10 lab experiments after passing five subjects of Section B. Moreover, there will a project work. When your admission is finalised then you may take coaching material from AMIE(I) Study Circle by downloading prospectus from

Condition for Candidates passed M.Sc. in Computer Science/ Electronics or in other disciplines and subsequently obtained M.E./ M. Tech. degree or higher degree in an engineering discipline from any recognized Indian University and are Corporate Members of IEI shall be permitted directly to register for Section B examination in the same branch in which they passed their M.E./M. Tech. or higher degree in engineering with effect from Winter 2015 examination.

You can join our admission package for AMIE after B.Tech.


How to enroll in AMIE if someone is having exemption of Sec A due to his Diploma?

Apply normally on membership form. You will get registration documents for section B from IEI after finalisation of your membership. You may apply directly or through our package. In later case, you may opt for coaching material of four subjects of Section B instead of Section A.


Admission Package Frequent Query

Does your admission package include admission fee of IEI?

Yes. Admission package by AMIE(I) Study Circle includes admission fee of IEI.

Does exam fee is included in your admission pack?

No. You have to send exam fee each time you fill and send exam form to IEI, Kolkata.

Would you take care of attestation by Corporate member (Member of IEI)?

Yes. We will do it.

From where Can I download admission package.

Please download admission package from here

Documents to be attached?

Two passport size photographs Xerox copies of High school/Inter/Diploma(final pass) marks sheets and certificates (attested by member of IEI, if you are joining through our package then attestation will be taken care by us)

I have just finished Diploma. My DMC will come after few months. Is it possible that I join your membership package now, you give me coaching material and send my membership form later after receiving DMC?

Yes, this is possible.

Do I need to send my certificates (original) along with the membership package offered by AMIE Study Circle?

No. Only Xerox (non attested).


What is exemption?

An exemption in any subject means that you have NOT to appear in that particular subject. If you pass a subject then it is said that you have been exempted in that subject.  If you passed B. Tech and want to do AMIE in other branch then you need not appear in Section A. It means that you have been exempted to appear in Section A. You will directly appear in Section B. See Qualification for Exemption 


Are Diploma holders from RVD/IASE/ICE(Ludhiana) eligible for AMIE?

No. They are NOT eligible for AMIE.


Is online registration (admission) possible?

NO. To apply for admission in AMIE, you have to apply manually. You can join admission package offered by us.


How can I know that my registration is accepted & notified?

You will get an SMS from IEI stating your ref number. After finalization of membership you will get another SMS from IEI.

Membership process takes at least 3 months.

You can check your membership status in a list.

In case your name does not appear in latest list even after 3 months days of applying, pl check whether your name appears in discrepancy list. (Note: Number like 110200051340 is NOT membership number. It is registration number. Membership number will start from T or ST).

If you did not get any SMS, make an inquiry at  Universal Computerised Number:

033-40155400 MEMBERSHIP SECTION Ph: 033-40106266, 40106268, 22234622


Yesterday I received a reference number 10020083123. Does it mean that I have got membership?

No. This number is actually an acknowledgement number for future correspondence/inquiry. Membership process takes at least 5 to 6 months.


What is the use of reference number?

This is a temporary number (like 120020028141). This number is issued from IEI when they receive your membership form. It can be used for further inquiry regarding membership status. After getting membership number, this reference number becomes useless.


What is difference among reference number, registration number and membership number?

Registration number and reference numbers are same. Registration/reference number (example: 120020028141) is valid till you get membership number (ex: ST524786-7).  


I have just finished Diploma. How can I get admission in AMIE?

You can admission package by AMIE(I) Study Circle, Roorkee. This package includes full admission process including attestation, coaching material for all four subjects of Section A and Online support.


What is the eligibility for doing AMIE?

Eligibility For Various Classes Of Membership (Technician and Senior Technician Members)


Presently I am not engaged in any engineering job. Can I do AMIE?

Working experience is needed during registration for Section B. In Section A, no experience is needed.


How can I know that, my application form for admission is accepted or rejected.

If your form is rejected then you will receive a letter from IEI, Kolkata regarding this. You will get money refund generally within 15 days of receiving this letter. However, if you do not get money refund within this period, you may write/email to Deputy Director (Membership), The Institution of Engineers (India), 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata - 700 020, W.B.  Email is 


I have finished my aircraft maintenance engineering approved by DGCA. may I be exempted from section A examination?

No. You will have to pass both Section A and B (total 13 subjects).


What is difference between admission form and exam form?

To apply for admission, you will need admission (membership) form. To appear in exams, you should fill and send exam form to IEI with DD of requisite fee. You can appear in AMIE exams only after getting membership.


For registering into AMIE , I need a corporate member sign , can I take the sign of that person who have passed AMIE?

For attestation, AM/MIE/FIE membership is must. Check it before attestation.


What is the maximum time given to complete AMIE?

6 years for section A (start from date of election) + 6 years for section B (start counting immediately after passing section B)


Is there any exemption for B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Maths?

No exemption. However, you may send a request for exemption (with Xerox of marks sheets) in section A (Non Diploma Stream) after getting membership. Council of IEI, Kolkata may decide on giving exemption in certain subjects.


I am doing final year diploma. Can I apply for AMIE?

No. You can apply for AMIE only after passing Diploma completely. You must have final pass marks sheet and a provisional certificate (not older than 2 years) to apply.


I want to do AMIE. Is job experience necessary?

Job experience is compulsory while registering for Section B. It is just a formality.


I have been registered with IEI by the name Srivastava R as per my latest qualification certificate but my full name is Ritesh Srivastava and I want to get registered with my full name. What should I do?

IEI uses the name taken from your latest qualification on which basis you are getting admission in IEI. So, your name is taken from say Diploma (not from metric certificate). Hence there is no possibility of name change in IEI records.


I have passed Diploma in 2006 from Govt Polytechnic, Uttarakhand in IT branch. Can I do AMIE?

For IT batches older than 2007, as they do not have Chemistry in their syllabus in Uttarakhand, you will not get admission in AMIE. However if you have also passed 10+2 with PCM along with Diploma then you will be given admission in AMIe in Diploma Stream. Students of 2007 and later batch in IT branch, are eligible for AMIE from Uttarakhand Polytechnics.


Can I appear in forthcoming exams? My ref no. is 100200725850.

This is just a ref number, not a membership number. You can not appear in AMIE exams without membership number. That too if your date of election is August 31 or before (for latest Winter exams) or Feb 28 or before (for latest Summer exams).


I completed Diploma in Tool and Die Making from NTTF Technical Training Centre, Tellicherry, Kerala in 1999. Please confirm if I am qualified for applying AMIE in diploma stream.

You are eligible.


How to check our registration?

Click on: 


I am recently going overseas for my new job. I also want to continue my AMIE. How can I do so?

You may take membership at Indian address. But, it is not possible to give exams from few countries (including gulf countries). See list of exam centres. If your country is not listed in this list, then you have to come to India for exams.


I have taken non diploma stream membership on the basis of 10+2 while doing Diploma. Now I have passed Diploma. How Can I change my Technician membership to Senior Technician membership after passing Diploma?

You should send an application regarding this to IEI, Kolkata. They will send you a blank id card. You have to return this id card with DD of requisite fee, to IEI. A Technician member, after acquiring diploma level qualification, changes his membership to Senior Technician, s/he shall be considered, on request, as exempted from Section 'A' Examination, provided s/he has secured exemption (obtained Grade 'C' or above with minimum GPA being 6) in four common subjects of same nomenclature in both Section 'A' (Non-diploma) and Section 'A' (Diploma) of revised syllabi.  No pass grade card of Section 'A' shall be issued. S/he shall be eligible to register for Section 'B', with requisite fee, with an undertaking that s/he shall not claim pass grade card for Section 'A'. The CGPA shall be calculated only on the basis of Section 'B' Examination, project work and laboratory experiments.  In case the Technician Member secured exemption in one or more common subject(s) of same nomenclature in both the schemes of revised syllabi, grade in common subject(s) can be carried forward, on request, after change of her/his membership.


Which certificates should be attached with membership form?

For Diploma Pass outs Xerox of 

high school(10th) mark sheet and certificate Intermediate mark sheet(12th) and certificate (not necessary if you have done diploma after high school) Diploma final pass mark sheets and Provisional certificate as obtained from your polytechnic (not more tha two years old). . If your provisional certificate is older than two years, then enclose Xerox of certificate obtained from Board of Technical Education.

(All attested by AMIE/MIE/FIE member)

For 10+2 (PCME) Xerox copies of 

high school(10th) mark sheet and certificate Intermediate, mark sheet(12th) and certificate

(All attested by AMIE/MIE/FIE member)


I have passed Diploma in IT/Computer Engg. Am I eligible for AMIE?

For Diploma IT/Comp. Engg, you will get Admission in AMIE if you have chemistry, physics and engineering drawing in your first year of Diploma or you have passed 12th with PCME along with Diploma. Old students from U.P. or Uttarakhand could not get admission only due to above mentioned reason.


Presently I am from UAE and planning to enroll in my permanent address (India), is it possible. Can I do only exams here in UAE? And correspondence to India.

You can apply at your Indian address. However you may appear from any exam  centre (including overseas). You have to enclose a reason with exam form regarding change of exam centre. Exam fee (overseas) is $150.


IEI requests certificate attestation by already AMIE enrolled personals and if I join your admission pack, who will do that?

We will do that. We will get your form and xerox docs attested by corporate members. Attestation by gadgeted officers will not work.


 I want to study Aerospace Engg from IEI, Kolkata. Is it possible.

Presently exams are not being conducted in Aerospace Engg branch. See exam scheme showing branches


I have not yet received provisional diploma from my collage, how can I apply for AMIE admission?

Without provisional certificate & final pass marks sheet you can not apply for AMIE admission.


Can I appear in any branch in AMIE after passing Diploma?

You can do AMIE an any branch. However, you should prefer to do AMIE in same branch in which you did Diploma.


I received the membership through sms/letter but not documents, identity card etc. Should I fill exam form?

You can fill exam form for forthcoming exams if your date of election is on or before Feb 28 (for Summer exam) or August 31 (for Winter exam). This condition holds good for new membership. 

You will receive other documents at appropriate time from IEI, Kolkata.

If you do not received these documents after a long time has passed, you should see your status by clicking on following links:

Non-delivery-study material

Non-delivery-identity card

Identity card is generally sent separately after few weeks of sending membership number.


What is the last date for applying for AMIE?

For December exams you should apply before May 30 and for June exams, you should apply before Nov 30. (Based on last few years' trend)


To which IEI centre will I be associated after getting membership?

Your default centre will be near your address (in your state) you mention in membership form. However you may appear from any exam centre of your choice provided you have a genuine reason to do so. In that case you have to enclose an application with exam form stating reason of change of exam centre.


I wish to take admission for AMIE, but my PUC (10+2) result is 42%. Am I eligible?

You are not eligible for AMIE. For admission in AMIE, your total aggregate should be 45% or more; PCM aggregate 45% or more; passed in English (no grace). You may try AMIETE, New Delhi ( or IME, Mumbai (


I have failed in one subject in 12th. How can I apply for AMIE? I am PCME.

You may appear in NIOS (National Open School) exams of 12th class in the subject you failed. The subjects you passed will be carried forward. After that you may apply for AMIE exams.


I have two year certificate from ITI in Electrical trade. Can I do AMIE?

You can not do AMIE on the basis of ITI. However if you have passed 10+2 (PCME) then you are eligible for AMIE (Non Diploma Stream). In that case you have to pass 19 subjects. Your total aggregate should be 45% or more; PCM aggregate 45% or more; passed in English (no grace). You can download prospectus by clicking here


I have passed ITI and got admission in second year of Diploma. Now, I have passed my Diploma. Am I eligible for AMIE?

If you have also passed 10+2 (12th) in PCME, then you are eligible for AMIE otherwise you are not eligible.


I have taken in B Tech in lateral entry because I have passed in Diploma Engg. How can I join AMIE?

AMIE is a distance learning course. Hence you can take admission in AMIE irrespective of the fact what other course are you doing. Moreover, as you have passed diploma in Engg., you will have to appear in all 13 subjects.


I have sent my membership form directly to IEI, Kolkata. Where can I check my membership status?

Pl check membership status on this link

Whether diploma from IETE New Delhi is considered for pursuing AMIE as diploma stream ?

Yes. DIPIETE is eligible for AMIE (Diploma Stream).


I have passed Diploma in mechanical Engineering (Distance education) from IME, Mumbai. Can I do AMIE?

You can do AMIE from Diploma stream. You will have to pass total 13 subjects. Download prospectus

IMPORTANT: You must have passed both parts - Part I and Part II. If you got exemption in part I, then you will NOT be eligible for AMIE.


I have passed Diploma from IASE University? Can I do AMIE?

No. You are NOT eligible for AMIE.


I have done Diploma from IGNOU. Can I do AMIE?

Yes, you can do AMIE.


I have done BCA from IGNOU and doing MCA. Can I do AMIE? Exemptions?

In AMIE, you will get admission in Non Diploma stream on 10+2 basis, have to pass total 19 subjects. However in AMIETE, you may get exemption in few subjects based on your qualification. For AMIETE visit


I have completed my Section A few years ago. Due to some unavoidable circumstances I was not able to proceed further. How to reregister?

Visit reregistration page for information. Form downloads (i) registration of section B (ii) re-registration of section B (iii) change of address (if address changed).


I have completed diploma in electronics Engg. Can I complete AMIE in Computer science? is it possible?

You can do AMIE in any Engg branch. You will choose your branch in section B.

I belong to Scheduled caste. Is there any relaxation for this category?

In AMIE there is no relaxation for reserved category students.


I am passed 10+2 by PCB with 59%.can I do AMIE?

No. PCME is required.


How much time does it take to get the membership from Institution of Engineers?

It will take about 3 months at least.


Can I apply online for membership?



Any subject exempted in B.E./B Tech discontinue?

You will be given admission on 10+2 basis (PCME). You have to complete 19 subjects (10 in Section A and 9 in Section B).


I am a diploma holder of Indian Air force i.e radio fitter of IAF. Am I eligible for getting admission into Diploma stream of AMIE.

Yes, you are eligible for AMIE (Diploma stream).


What is age criteria for AMIE admission?

Minimum age for 10+2 pass students is 17 and that for Diploma holders is 18 years.


After passing ITI I got lateral entry in second year of Diploma. Am I eligible for AMIE?

No. For admission you must have passed 10+2 with PCME.

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