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Section B Registration for AMIE Exams

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I have passed AMIE (Section A). How can I apply for AMIE (Section B) registration?

You have three options:

Wait for docs to come from IEI

You can apply directly

you can join our AMIE (Section B) registration package for accelerated registration. No complications. Just a single window service.


I am filling AMIE (Section B) registration form. In certificate of engagement portion, signature and membership number of my boss are needed. He is not a member of IEI. How can he write his membership Number?

AMIE Section B

just leave that column blank. Put a dash - in it.


Is filling certificate of engagement is necessary in AMIE (Section B) registration form?

Yes, absolutely.


I have just passed AMIE completely. Now, I want to appear from another branch. What is the procedure?

Just wait for Associate Membership. Your number will start as AM-***. Then register for AMIE (Section B).

Download AMIE Section B registration form


How to do AMIE after B.Tech in different branch?

Associates and Corporate Members are eligible to appear in additional branch of engineering. You have to follow various steps such as downloading form for AMIE or fill online form.

Members, who intend to appear for the first time in additional branch of engineering should first apply for registration for AMIE (Section B) on the Prescribed Format sending a demand draft for Rs. 4800/- (US $ 300 for Overseas Chapters candidates). 

Thereafter, AMIE Examination application form, along with the demand draft of Rs. 3000/- (US$ 225 for candidates of overseas chapters), should be submitted within the stipulated period. All such candidates are required to perform AMIE Project Work and Laboratory Experiment as per clause 2.3 of Rules (Vol. I).

You will be exempted for appearing in AMIE (Section A). You will only appear in Section B. You have to complete 10 lab experiments after passing five subjects of Section B. Moreover, there will a project work.

If you do not to do so many formalities then you may join our AMIE Registration Package after B Tech.


What is eligibility for AMIE Architecture Engg branch?

Eligibility Criteria is given below:

1. B.E./B.Tech. degree holders in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering disciplines may apply to become Associate/ Corporate member to become eligible to appear in additional branch in Architectural Engineering. After their election as Associate/Corporate Member, they will be exempted to appear in Section A Examination and would be eligible to submit their application for registration of Section B Examination with requisite fee.


2. Corporate members interested to appear in additional branch in Architectural Engineering would be exempted to appear in Section A Examination of the Institution and eligible to register for Section B Examination.


3. Diploma holders in Architectural Assistantship/Civil/Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering are eligible to become Senior Technician members provided they studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Engineering Drawing and Graphics in the diploma courses approved by AICTE. After their election as Senior Technician Members and passing Section A (Diploma) Examination, they would be eligible to opt Architectural Engineering in Section B Examination.


4. ST/T Members, already pursuing Section B Examination in any other branch of engineering, can apply for change of registration of Section B in Architectural Engineering. They will get six years period afresh to pass Section B Examination. The filled-in proforma for registration of Section B, available on IEI website, with a demand draft of Rs. 4500.00 (US $ 300 for overseas candidates) be sent so as to reach in the Headquarters office at Kolkata by 20 Sep 2015.


5. ST/T members, who will pass Section A Examination in Summer 2015 Examination, can opt Architectural Engineering for Section B while submitting their Section B Registration Form with requisite fee of Rs. 4500.00. Fee for Registration of Section B for Associate Members/ Members/ Fellows will be Rs. 3000/- (US $ 200 for overseas candidates.


6. Section B Examination in Architectural Engineering will be conducted in Winter 2015 Examination subject to the condition that minimum 30 candidates are registered to appear in the examination, failing which the examination fee of all such candidates will be refunded with due intimation to all individual candidates.


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