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Messages from Our Students


Let me first thank to you and your team for providing such useful study material for AMIE. It was so straight forward and module based, so I could clear AMIE in very short time. Your Online support also very very useful. I always recommend to student to purchase study material from you. One of my colleague already purchased and in future, I will try to promote student to register AMIE and get study material from you. Best thing I found in you materials that you always update your material.

Jai Singh via Email
Technical Officer
Ocean Engineering Division



I would like to place on record my sincere thanks and appreciations to ASC Roorkee for your continued efforts to provide high quality study material to AMIE students.  I have been using your course material for several subjects and these material are top notch covering the whole syllabus and one can prepare with ease without any further study material. I have been able to complete the course by securing highest grading with the help of your study material. Thank you very much and wishing you all the best in future endeavors.

Sasikumar, Chennai (By email)


Communication through applications like Whatsapp, IMO, etc opens an easy and direct communication with AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee team at 9412903929. So, more People who are interested in AMIE course are just a click away from ASCR.

Visakh S Varma Alappuzha, Kerala


Every AMIE aspirant must go for it. This is a direct path to reach the destination.


Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh (By email)


Thanks to all members of AMIE STUDY CIRCLE which supported me for  achieving my GOAL.

Krishna Kumar Mandal


I have passed EC-403 Electronics and Communication exam of sect-B with help of your short notes. I am regularly studying your notes from sect-A.  Your notes are very brilliant and superb. Now only one subject "ckt theory and control" is pending to clear the section B completely. I have already taken the notes from you.  Wish me good luck and again thanks for your notes.

Sachin Kumar via email



Firstly Thanks to AMIE STUDY CIRCLE Your Postal Course is very helpful & fantastic. by using this study material I have cleared my thermal Engg & Fluid Mechanics very tough Subjects.

Akash Jain

I have passed section A exams. I have studied your materials for subjects material science and computer informatics thank you. Now I am attending section B (mechanical engineering) I want manufacturing technology.....

Naveen Kumar

I am very thankful to AMIE Study Circle  because I completed my AMIE in Electrical Engg branch with the help of study material of ASC. Thanks a lot Amie Study Circle.

Hitesh Dholariya (ST 544092-2 )

I have passed in AMIE (All Section A & Section B). AMIE Study Circle Circle, Roorkee provided Good Study materials , help & guidance to me time to time............

Prashant Tyagi

I am heartily thankful to you, because I cleared sec A recently just because of your quality material along with 12 hours working in a firm. Now I want to have study material of sec B from ASC i.e first .........


I am a registered member of your institution. I actually liked you study material for sec-A. Now I want it for sec-B electronics and communication engineering. Please let me know the charges for the same.

Vinod Khanduri

I got your study material last year. I got my three paper cleared in very first attempt of sec A along with 12 hours working.they were fantastic...

Raman Jammu

I reffered  your postal course materials of Section B CIVIL ENGG. I secured good Grades.

Sandhya R

Thanks for sending me Sec B study material for Mech Branch. At the out set let me appreciate your support for providing with the best study materials to us. Sir, may I request you, could you pls prepare the study materials and made available to us for few more subjects of Sec B Mech Branch, which are.....


I used your membership pack two years back, recently i cleared all exams and got exemption in both Sec A & B. thank you for providing me such a useful study material. i advised many of the AMIE aspirant to order that stuff.

Sachin Panwar

have completed sec A/sec B in two and half years in winter 2012 . I got 7.47 CGPA in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS BRANCH .YOUR SUPPORT IS VERY BENEFICIAL FOR ME .. A LOT OF THANKS. 

Khusboo Khurana, ST NO 543167-6

I have passed my two subjects  engineering management and Electronic circuits-appeared in winter-2012. Thanks, for your coordination.

Sachin Kumar

I m attached with ur institute since 2008. I m very thankful that ur notes are very to the point and helpful . It really helps me a lot. I prefer the e-books available on site. But from few days my password and username didnot match with that u have given. I came personally to ur office with my parents, if u remember. Please solve my problem . I want to be always in touch with amie study circle family, if u permit. Please re issue me a password or please solve my problem. I m always happy with AMIE study circle's success.


With the supportive study material of AMIE Study Circle, I have passed both Section A and Section B in Mechanical Engg. I am very thankful to you and your team for the same.

Manish Jain, Production Manager, Ghaziabad

I have completed my AMIE Mechanical. I am very thankful to AMIE STUDY CIRCLE. Notes are chapter wise which help a lot.
Amit Tondale, Kolhapur, MS
I have passed my all exams of section B civil. I have passed my section A in December 2007. Presently I m running my own office as an architect. First of all thanks a lot for the useful notes you provided. Secondly ................... thanks.
Sonia Verma
Thanks to AMIE Study Circle , I got highest marks among women candidates in Section A due to your study material.
Pratibha Khatri on facebook
Thanks! i have completed section B. Your material for engineering management and water resource system proved to be useful. Overall grade 7.25
Mananjay Kumar on facebook
Thanks for your support I had clear my AMIE I had got full support from you.
I have completed my AMIE sec B . I never forget your kind help in the form of your study material as well as upgrades at web. language of material is very easy and can be understandable without extra effort. your study material for IC 402,EC403,EC404,EC 406 helped me too much .


मैने आपसे हिन्दी माध्यम का कोर्स लिया था तथा मुझे यह बताते हुये हर्ष हो रहा है कि मैने सेक्शन ए विंटर 2010 मे पास कर लिया है। आपका कोर्स अत्यंत उत्तम रहा। आनलाइन सपोर्ट के लिये भी धन्यवाद।

नेहा चौहान (एस टी 521643-0)

I've cleared AMIE sec-A winter 2010 exams in my first attempt. Your study material with online support was very beneficial to me. My heartiest thanks & greetings to your website.
I am an AMIE student from Maharashtra (Thane dist.) I am currently in section B (Mechanical Engg.) I have referred your MC 406 study material and found very helpful. I want the
same for other subjects.
Chandan Singh, Thane, MS
As discussed i read the material and found it very useful for students of AMIE. And i has send Money / order on dated 14 Feb for other three papers. I will also suggest my friends to purchase. Thanks and Regards
Gopal Krishna Tripathi
I highly appreciate the efforts you had made to make the subject simpler, specially the last part of each note which contain the relevant questions covered in previous examinations.
Rajesh Malviya, Ahmednagar, MS

I am very much impressed with your notes i had seen of material science. Kindly see if it is possible for you to send me the Exam oriented notes of 1. Society and Engineering 2. Material Science.

Rajeev Malviya

The quality of your course  material is unique. I had not found this kind of top quality in many books. Your course material is both time saving and easy to understand.

Anamika Shukla

I want to thanks you. I got study material  for the subject water  resource Engg from from your study circle and passed my AMIE

Balwant Singh

Thanks to help me to pass Section A Examination in Summer 2010 examination with study material provided by you. Now please guide me for registration for section B....

Sarvjit Singh

I just passed Sec A (Summer 2010) with your material. Thank u very much.

Ravindra K Yadav

The paper AN 205 is now clear. Thank you for providing very useful study material.

M M Ahmad, Aligarh

I had Joined  your postal coaching Section A for subjects
1. Society and Environment
2. Material Science
I am very glad to say that I have passed these subjects and also passed the section A on MAR-2010.Your study material is very helpful for all students especially the subject "Material Science\" which is very hard to pass in Section A. Your way of presentation of each topic is fantastic. So I express my big thanks for your study materials.
I am student of section B (civil Engg) associated with you from course beginning and share with you my success only 2 years I passed 9 subjects of Sec A and sec B with job Thanks & Regard's
Arvind Suyal
Your website is very helpful to all AMIE students. And the data u provide is also very useful. Thanks a lot for organising this type of help for all students.

Your Study material is very helpful for working professionals like me

Dipankar Sarkar

I m doing work in BSNL Ludhiana as TTA. I have cleared AD302,AD303,AD304 only by your sent courses and add course material. i m thankful to u.
Sandeep Kumar, TTA, BSNL, Ludhiana
.... I joined the course Sec B Electronics & Communication Engg & I received the materials also, using your material I have passed Sec B 3 Subjects this time.
Babu Pulukkool, Abu Dhabi
I am an AMIE SEC-B aspirant in Electronics & Communication Branch and I have left 4 subjects to clear .I have purchased your course for Material Science and engineering Section-A and that was very helpful. Now I am interested in your course for EC 403 & EC 404.
Arun Setia
First of all i would like to thank to you and to your coaching institute for helping diploma holder for achieving their career upgradation and difficult course in such an easy manner.  Your notes and evaluation papers helped me a lot to clear the section A of AMIE. As by your guidance and god's grace I have successfully enrolled in section B and I would like to thank you once again for introducing a planned and well structured study material. It is my bad luck that you are not publishing the study material for additional subjects MC 432 Computer Aided Manufacturing MC 433 Tool and Die Design MC 434 Manufacturing Automation as i have filled these papers this summer 2009. But rest of the study material and evaluation you are publishing I shall purchase the material when i shall appear in those papers in exam.
Ajay Bhatia , ST 3888188-7
I have joined your course in three subjects of Section A, out of which, in Society & Environment, I got H grade. Your course is really nice.
Meenakshi Mittal, Dehradun
Many many thanks a lot. Your remarkable efforts and time to time latest update bring out positive result for me in the AMIE score board.
Dinesh Adhikari , ST-499143-0
Nand Kumar Singh
I am the student of AMIE study circle. THIS MATERIAL IS EXCELLENT. For some reason AMIE S. C. is not providing material for optional subjects. FOR ALL STUDENTS, DO NOT STRUGGLE WITH VARIOUS TEXT BOOKS, GET AMIE S. C. MATERIAL.
Your study material help me a great deal to complete my AMIE Examination. I have brought three paper from your institute (Measurement, Pulse & Digital Circuit & Microprocessor) at the starting of my SEC-B AMIE examination in 2004-2005. These material gave me the confidence. Last summer (June-2008)I have completed SEC-B.
Anup Rai Burman, All India Radio
I have found your site a very effective for the young working guy to have detail knowledge AMIE exam. Your site has every single element require for such examination i.e. from thing to remember to entertainment. Keep doing the same
Best of luck for your future
Himanshu, Thane
I have already purchased 2 study materials viz. engineering management and communication engineering. I have passed Engineering management with H grade and Communication with C grade. Thanx I would like to but one more material is circuit theory and control(EC404).Wolud you please inform me how much I am paying for the same?
Please reply me as early as possible.
SHAHNAS.I.K, ST 361144-8
I am Dinesh Adhikari. Today I am glad to inform you that I have cleared two papers (Fundamental of Design and Manufacturing, Information Technology) in AMIE section A. I am surprised to see that in both paper I got A grade. Your study material and time to time support through e-Mail help me a lot. I thank you for your kind cooperation. Further I request you to inform the latest information of AMIE at this mail address.
Dinesh Adhikari, Haldwani, Uttarakhand
For June 2008 exams, I purchased course material of three subjects from your institute, viz. D & M, Comp & Info. and Society. I have passed all these subjects with A grade. Also, your online support helped me a lot.
Neelima Goyal, BSNL, Roorkee
I prepared for data structure and engineering management subjects for AMIE Section B with the help of your material. I got 66 marks in data structures and 56 marks in Engineering management.
Thanks for your material. I am very much thankful for your material.
Thank you for your effective guidance, It allowed me to clear the papers of AMIE. Now I have passed.
Thank you once again
Rajesh Pawar
My sincere thanks to you, as I passed Section B (Computer Engg) of AMIE examinations (Winter 2007) only when I joined your circle and studied by the correspondence course provided by you on the subjects like Engg Management and Data Structures & that of Section A.
My sincere advise to the other aspirants of AMIE to associate with you to get success in AMIE examinations. I appreciate your course very much. Thank you very much.
Himanshu Singla (ST-418673-2), Barnala, Punjab
I have received your study material of Engineering management. Thanks.. It is very nice and easy to learning.
I would like to buy the one more study material which is Communication Engineering. Would you please inform me how much I am paying for the same?
Shahnas.I.K, Kannur
I joined your course for Section B (Electronics branch). I appreciate your course very much. I passed Section B on last time examination. Now I got promotion as Head of IT, Qatar Fuel Additives Company (QAFAC), Qatar
Abdul Sathar(T-079679-8),System Engineer, Qatar Fuel Additives Company, Qatar
...I borrowed one subject Basic Electronics which I found very effective and of great help and cleared that subject last semester - June 2007 exams. Before, I used to keep referring many text books which I found very difficult and could not handle with complicated topics.
Ms Bhavna Vena, Mysore, Karnataka
Glad to inform you that, with your help of postal coaching i passed my section A exams in winter 2006. My sincere thanks to AMIE Study Circle. Now i want to appear for winter 2007 section B exams
Murali Ganesh, Kingdom of Bahrain
I am satisfied with the coaching material AD301and AD302 which I took for Summer 2007 exams. Now I am applying for AD304 and desire to get the coaching material from you.
M Praveen Kumar, Karnataka
I am pleased to tell you that I have completed my AMIE Sec B during last examination. I feel your course is a real boosting tonic to pass in the examination from Singapore. Thank you very much.
Karthikeyan Viswanathan, Makino Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore
My sincere thanks to you, as I passed Section B (Mech. Engg.) of AMIE examinations only when I joined your circle and studied by the correspondence course provided by you on the subjects like - Thermal Science & Engineering, and Analysis and Synthesis of Machines. My sincere advise to the other aspirants of AMIE to associate with you to get success in AMIE Examinations.
Harjeet Singh(ST-144250-9),Dy. Manager (Marketing), ITI Limited, Lucknow
Through this letter I want to convey my reactions on the quality of the course material being supplied by your Institute. Till now I have gone through all the four papers viz. IC02, ET03, ET05 and ET06, and would like to inform you that, I appreciate the quality of your course material which I have found more qualitative, exact and easy to understand, and hope you will let continue to think so in future also.
Mukul P. Verma, Hazaribagh, Bihar
With your postal coaching I passed sec A and now doing sec B. In the last years with your study material I have completed three subjects in sec B (electrical).
Amit Bera, Mednapur, W.B.
I joined your Institute when I was in Section A. I also joined your course for Section B. Now I have passed both Sections. I find your course very effective & time saving.
Avinash Singh, Roorkee
...I would like to congratulate you for your splendid efforts in bringing out such sophisticated institute who really helps out for the preparation of AMIE examinations.
Ziya Khan, Dehradun
I have already got study material for AD02, AD03 and AD04 from your study circle for Summer 2000. More over I am the only student who cleared all these three papers in a single attempt from Bhatinda District (Punjab).
H. R. Bansal, Punjab (on phone)
As mentioned earlier, I have found your course material extremely useful for quick study and hence I have sent demand draft for remaining three more subjects by speed post&
O.P.Chetry, Digboi, Assam (via email)
I have cleared Communication Engg. for which I went through your postal coaching. Thanks for nice course.
M.K. Kaushik, Ambala, Haryana (on phone)
I am student of your correspondence course. I have completed five papers from your study material. I am very thankful to you that your study material is very useful and time saving.
Narendra Kumar Verma, Lucknow
I got cleared last time Engineering Environment and Society paper in Summer2002 Examinations with your guidance only.
L. Venkatasubramanian, Chennai
My heartiest thanks to you for providing valuable notes of material science and Maths. These notes helped me for exemption of all subjects of section A. I have secured a final pass of section A .
Hari Om Sharma (AMIE Aspirant, via Email), Manikgarh
Your study material was very effective and of great help. The quality of your course material is unique. I had not found this kind of top quality in many books. Your course material is both time saving and easy to understand. Last time I got study material supplied by you for the subject Society & Env. After studying it I have successfully passed this exam.
Parveen Kumar (AMIE Aspirant), Chandigarh

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