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All About AMIE

AMIE at a glance

What Is AMIE?

Full form of AMIE is "Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers". AMIE is a professional certification given by Institution of Engineers (India). The qualification can be earned by passing Section A, Project Work and Section B examination of the Institution. If an applicant passes both sections of the examination, he or she becomes an Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers (AM). AMIE is equivalent to B Tech.

Recognition Of AMIE Exams

The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development considers this AMIE qualification is equivalent to a degree in engineering. Government of India in continuation to its earlier recognition, has recognised passing of sections A and B AMIE examinations as revised, conducted by The Institution of Engineers (India), as equivalent to bachelor's Degree in the appropriate branch of Engineering of the recognised universities in India and has notified in the gazette of India, Part I, Section I, dated February 11, 2006.

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Time Period To Complete AMIE

Minimum duration for passing both sections is 4 years, however professionals with 3 years polytechnic engineering can complete it in 3 years since they are exempted from certain examination papers of Section A. Project work can be carried out only after clearing at least 5 subjects of Section B.

Structure Of AMIE Exams

There are two sections, namely Section A and Section B, in this examination. Section A is common for all candidates. Under Section B, a particular discipline of engineering has to be chosen from among the streams offered.

The examinations are held twice every year, called Summer and Winter examinations, normally in June and December respectively (Generally from first Saturday). Each paper is 3 hours long (unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the list of subjects).

Project work and/or laboratory work can be carried out only after clearing 5 subjects of Section B. Additionally, person shall be employed and engaged in engineering activities during the period.

Sections A & B of AMIE Examinations are conducted in over 65 Examination Centres in the country and also in five overseas chapters (Kathmandu, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha and Kuwait).

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Medium Of AMIE Exams

English is the medium of AMIE examinations. However, any candidate may opt for Hindi provided s/he has taken prior permission to this effect from IEI.

AMIE Syllabus

There are 4 subjects in Section A (Diploma stream) and 10 subjects in Section A (Non Diploma stream). After Section A, the student will be admitted to appear for the Section B examination. This consists of 9 papers of which 6 are compulsory and 3 optional. After passing min. 5 papers of section-B in respective branch, the student will be admitted to appear for Project Work/Laboratory experiments.

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Prospects after AMIE

  • After passing AMIE exams, you will become Corporate Member of IEI.
  • You may appear in GATE Examinations for M.E./M.Tech. courses
  • You may now work as a Consultant in respective engineering field
  • You may sit in various competitive examinations viz. IES, IAS , MBA, and many more
  • You may get promotions in many Government /Private/Public sector departments
  • You may apply for superior posts.
  • Practice of Engineering Profession . Chartered Engineer’s Certificate from IEI possesses the platform to practice as self-employed consultant in Engineering Profession in India and abroad. This certification provides value addition during the empanelment as Value, Loss Assessor with various Government bodies and Financial Institutions. Corporate Members are entitled to receive Chartered Engineer certificate on payment of requisite fee. More information on Chartered Engineer's certificate

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