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AMIEFocussed approach and continuous improvement are our keywords Freshers - Why not Join Our Admission PackageAccelerated admission process Online SupportCourse updates | Question papers | eBooks | iQuiz | Video Lectures | Audio Lectures No Text Book Study RequiredWith our postal course, forget books and guides! Have Questions? Call us | See FAQ | Email us Subscribe to AlertsGet alerts on your devices Prospects after AMIEUPSC Exams | M. Tech. | MBA | Jobs | Promotion | Own Consultancy Excellent Video LecturesLearning at an individual pace Excellent Audio LecturesTo give you competitive edge! EBook LibraryWhy not use them for reference! Coached Thousands of StudentsFrom India and Gulf Countries!
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Admission Packages and Study Material for AMIE Exams

AMIE News from IEI

Approval of AICTE for AMIE Pass outs with M.E./M.Tech for Teaching Assignments

See Gazette of AICTE for Approval for AMIE with M Tech for Teaching Assignments

Latest membership list for AMIE Number 173 (Date of election 30-12-15)  Discrepancy List

A Compendium of Recognition Letters for Sections A and B Examinations

Presentation of Trophies, Prizes and Awards at the Twenty-third IEI Convocation

New Exam Centres with effect from Summer 2016 Examination: Bareilly (Centre Code 243, Section A Diploma stream, Jammu(Centre Code 180, All schemes), Shillong (Centre Code 793, Section A Diploma stream) and Berhampur (Centre Code 760, Section A Diploma stream).

Summer 2016 AMIE Examinations will be conducted during June 4-10, 2016.

List of AMIE Students Registered for Lab/Project Work

Admission Package (including admission process) for AMIE (for Diploma/10+2 pass students).

List of eligible candidates applied for Registration of Section B after Summer 2015 AMIE Examinations. The list has been updated as per applications received till 14th Oct 2015 

Fee of Laboratory experiments for AMIE exams has been revised from Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 7000/-

New in Online Support

Question papers of AMIE Winter 2015 exams have been added.

Course material of "Computer Architecture" and "Programming Languages" have been added.

Model Question Papers of "Computer Architecture" and "Programming Languages" have been added.

eBook "Parallel Computing" by IGNOU

eBook "Computer Organization and Assembly Language" by IGNOU

eBook " Database Management Systems" by Navathe has been added.

eBook "Computer System Architecture" by Mano has been added including solution manual.

eBooks of LISP and Java added

Model test paper of "Microprocessor & Microcontroller" added.

Model test paper of "Pulse & Digital Circuits" added.

Model test papers of "Power Systems" and "Thermal Science" have been updated.

Course update of Material Science

CPWD - Analysis of Rates (Vol I and II) added.

Material Science Concept Check by Callister has been added.

Eighth and Ninth edition of Material Science by Callister has been added.


AMIE in Hindi

English is default language to do AMIE. However, you may do AMIE in Hindi medium if you have passed Diploma in Hindi medium.


Frequently Asked Questions on AMIE Exams

We that many questions might have been bubbling in your mind on AMIE exams. This is natural as there is no good source of information on AMIE exams which can explain it in a simple manner. We have prepared a set of frequently asked questions on AMIE exams so that you can understand AMIE better.


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Role of AMIE Study Circle

AMIE CourseAMIE exams are conducted by The Institution of Engineers. AMIE(I) Study Circle provides AMIE admission package (with admission process and AMIE application form) and coaching material (AMIE Course) to AMIE aspirants from all over India and abroad engaged in engineering field. There is nice online support too, which includes course updates, unsolved papers, iQuiz, eBooks and video lectures.

To bring total quality in this AMIE course for AMIE aspirants, we are using kaizen strategy(continuous improvement) in the process of course development.

You can enroll at any time (as the despatch schedule is adjustable). However you are advised to join as early as possible, because it will give you more time for study and revision of the course material. How to do/join B.Tech from AMIE


Why Should You Enroll at Once for Our AMIE Study Material and AMIE Admission/Registration

Don’t wait for an emergency - when everything depends on whether you have completed AMIE or not (interview for promotion, for example).

Join at once. Don’t wait till the day when you have to apply for re-registration. Don’t wait for such do-or-die situation.

Act NOW. And prepare for AMIE examinations to pass subjects at once. Sign on for this amie course today!


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